Dentist Lists Three Snacks That She ‘Would Never’ Give Her Children

 Parents were shocked to discover some of them were bad.

Dental hygiene is really important for young kids.

Parents know how much children love sweets and treats but with fragile gums and growing teeth, we want to protect them as much as we can.

Many of us know sugar is the enemy when it comes to developing cavities.

However, sometimes there can be sneaky ingredients hidden within some popular healthier snacks.

A dentist has revealed three surprising foods that may be high in natural fructose and therefore problematic for little ones’ teeth.

The video which was posted on Icy Bear Dental Cubs Tiktok page, has received a big reaction from followers.

A dentist of 12 years who appears in the short clip, explains that even though people think they are healthier, raisins may not be great for teeth, as she states,

“A box of raisins contains more sugar than the average package of sweets.”

These small treats are even more challenging as they tend to stick in between tiny teeth which can cause tooth decay.

Similarly, any sweet such as lollies, drumsticks, refreshers or curly wurlys can lead to future issues because of their tacky substance, as she highlights,

“Children unlike adults allow sticky things to sit in between their teeth much more without getting irritated by them. And again if that sticks there and stays there it will cause decay.”

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The third item she mentions, and another lesser known source of high sugar, are fruit pouches and squeezy yoghurts.

The dentist, who is also a mum, advises the best way to combat these sneaky natural sugars is to “be sure to read what’s on the packet and have a look at the sugar content.”

She suggests some helpful alternatives such as cheese, cucumber and breadsticks as go-to snacks throughout the day.

Some of the parents appeared to be gutted to learn that raisins were a no-no, with one commenter posting,

“Omg, my kids never get sweets. I tell them the raisins are sweets and honestly thought it was a healthier substitute.”

Many of the followers pointed out how much their kids loved raisins in particular, as one person wrote,

“Raisins and fruit pouches are the only fruit my child will eat.”

However, parents’ minds can be put to ease as another professional also weighed in, adding,

“Dental nurse of 18 years and mum of three here. Everything in moderation. Brush x 2 per day! Especially before bed!”

It can be tricky at times to completely avoid sugary foods every day, especially when kids go to birthday parties, or there are big events like Halloween.

Although it’s good to know to try to avoid these items daily, finding a balance that works for each family is best.

If you want more information on oral hygiene here is our ultimate guide to children’s dental health.

What does the everymum community think? Will you ditch any of these sweets?