Nur Jannatun Naim Roti John

Credit: Google/Benjamin KF Tong

Nur Jannatun Naim Roti John offers a variety of dishes, but what keeps people coming back and happily waiting in line is their signature roti john (starting from $5). Situated near Bedok Reservoir MRT, this hawker stall elevates its roti john by adding cheese, enhancing its aroma and umami flavors. The homemade chili sauce served alongside isn't store-bought either; it boasts a perfect blend of sweetness and spiciness that perfectly complements the rich and eggy goodness of the roti john. In addition to roti john, Nur Jannatun Naim also serves up Western fare such as Chicken Cutlet, Fish & Chips, and Sabsuka.
Nur Jannatun Naim Roti John is at 511 Bedok North Street, #01-12 Bedok North 511 Market, Singapore 460511.